Sunshine, Strikes   & Spares
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By: Fred Broski
If “success rewards persistence” then popular broadcaster Fred Broski is a living testimony to that adage.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri and married to his wife Jane for 59 years, the
author knew early in his youth that he was destined to perform before television cameras and radio microphones. He and Jane climbed the staircase of failure and success one step at a time. They experienced the depths of despair as well as the heights of achievement all while raising two children, Julie and Brian.

From a small town radio station to a big city advancement. From a small town television station to his final persistent personal quest - Kansas City TV. From booth announcer, to an on-air personality that included weather shows and prime time broadcasts such as host of “Bowling For Dollars” Broski has earned his industry stripes and he is part of its vast history. He has persisted from working for his family to going solo as a spokesman to an advertising entrepreneur.

His vast 60 year treasure chest of memories now embraces these pages.

He and Jane reside in Overland Park, Kansas.